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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Looking at this photo is it  was clear to me  that the letters that show up most have the "feathers" yarn sewn around the edges.I will fix that and take another photo 
( see below). 
                                       My Birdie Rosie

This photo was taken from my work table in my sewing room. Outside the window is a chair which the wild birds like to use. This shows my lovely tame Ring Necked Dove sitting looking in and letting me know she would like some seed. She hears me talking and the radio, and comes looking for me.If she sees me on the other side of the garage glass sliding door, I call to her and she flies over the roof to get her seed.She feeds from my hand!

                   Two Silly Things!

 I made this large letter "J" and beaded it.I was going to make it for a friend whose name starts with a "J" too, but I will make another one for her.I think I want this hanging above my work table to remind me to be silly and Have Fun!! The other silly thing is a brooch . It shows me with sewing and doll making things!
I woke up early this morning with asthma, and after I had my med's I went to the computer- I usually read if I wake up early. But this morning Barb Owen and Tamora Laporte were "Live" on Facebook. What fun!!
Hope you are having a nice weekend!! off walking now tata!!
Dolls at Salley's Place
Salley Mavor at "Wee Folk" has a new post from The Players...Salley does the most gorgeous dolls.It's almost time for me to make some wooden bead and pipe cleaner dolls again! For Videos of Salley's work go HERE

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Fabric Letters and dolls

WOW # 406

I'm making these fabric letters to make a banner with the words "Fabric Fun" on them.I am continuing to make fabric letter brooches
and cards to match for friends' birthdays etc. The notes on the white paper under my cutting mat are interesting things I hear on the radio which I usually follow up later.

This doll just needs more hair needle felted around the face and a ring to hang her sewn to the back.

 My Local Thrift Shop...

had this cute little knitted Santa.Auntie was thrilled with the knitted Nativity I found at my local Save the Children thrift shop last Christmas.(This shop gets so many donations, that they still have Christmas things for sale, and being donated regularly). 
She still has it on her cupboard, and gets a lot of pleasure looking at it.

A visit to our local Library

I found this gorgeous book.There are some doll characters with their own little book they are holding.I adore whimsy, so I know I'll be making some of these! There are so many other binding/book ideas in this very creative book.I think I'll be buying this one.I won't want to return it to the library.You can have extensions, but it's one of those "Holiday Reading" books!