Thursday, 2 July 2020

Saturday, 27 June 2020

New Junk Journal listing soon.

This journal suggestion is for containing all the "Covid Qutes" that have appealed or resonated with people during this painful time.

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Friday, 26 June 2020

Postcards for Junk Journals

I'm having a ball making these postcard sized journal prompts.
I will be listing these later and will see how they go. The cards won't have words (ephemera pack) on them. 

New Steampunk accents for my journals

cute paper dress

LaceFabric houses

LaceFabric houses

Dyan's Collage sheets inspiration

Dyan's diary update

Gi Kerr


forward head bending- revere it

Parkinsons Disease

Jame's faces

James Burke

Sewing themed ephemera

cat journal page

Dyan - putting diaries inside cover

New stuff- Dyan (Jan 2020

More Dyan

Teesha Moore style

Geli plate etc

tblet keeper

draw computer

fabric envlopes

Gi's pockets

Gi's dangles!

Gi's vid's

decorate deli paper Joggles

Gi Kerr

spine and covertutorial

RDH file folders

Friday freebie

Gi pocket tag holder

Gi Kerr- toppers

envelope pocket with Gi

Gi notebook

Gi Kerr envelopes

Tip ins