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Sewing room
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Monday, 10 July 2017

Vintage Lace Angels

As well as my colourful works, I hold a special place for lace.I love it!! I was moving fabrics the other day, and had to move my laces boxes. I began looking inside, and pulled out several lovely doilies. I just had to make something with them!!
A sweet angel with lots of lace layers.Most are Vintage ones!

A little cutie! Some very old Vintage lace with this one too.

I love the face on this one. I often can't tell how they will look until finished.Sometimes they just don't go right, and I have to repaint several times. At other times they work out first time, like this one!
 Each Lace Angel in my Etsy Shop will have a little tassel included  as well,  for the rest of this month.

 These are now listed in my Etsy Shop. 

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