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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Book

Last night I drew a picture for the cover of the book. Or not? I might change my mind, but I will colour this drawing, take a photo, and print it onto fabric canvas. Then I could place it in a plastic sleeve and attach to a fabric collage page. It could be the cover for the whole book, or the cover of a smaller book containing poetry that I have written lately. Ideas are still in the beginning stage. I LOVE this part of the process, as I am an "Ideas" type of person. The hard part for me is being patient enough to see the ideas through without moving on to the next thing!!!I think a lot of Creative people are  like that. 

 I am working on a poem about Creativity at the moment.I believe everyone is Creative, but sometimes our early experiences crush that natural, and spontaneous side of ourselves. How to keep that spark alive into adulthood and older age is the challenge. Creativity has to be nurtured, and I thank Teaching for continuing to do that for me. 
Here is the clown I had been working on.This background may or may not be used. It is ready for the appliques for a page.I have 3 more at this stage.I just have to think about what might go on them.I could even change the whole colour scheme.The background pages are good to do when I am stuck on something or feel tired.I adore working with colourful fabrics and yarns. My sewing room gets into a heck of a mess. I can't help it. 
                                          She's ok for now...
This Muse is a bit "matronly", but I wanted her to look like that. 


  1. Love all your concepts Judy! Well Matronly might actually describe some of us older women! LOL

    1. Thanks Karen. I am working on the cover at the moment.


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