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Monday, 17 July 2017

New works

I'm doing some little sketches for possible quilts.I could also use these little figures as pin dolls. 

 I am also making some robots to finish my project of 100 little toys for boys as Christmas gifts. 
 I am trying different backgrounds.I think the darker shows up better. I have now free motion stitched a silk scarf as the dark blue and white background.Now I just have to buy a curvy rotary cutter!

I'll make up a few backgrounds and do the bindings soon when I pick up a zigzag rotary cutter blade.This background is a silk scarf I free motion stitched.I love to get out my beads, buttons and sequins and play with the embellishments on these.

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Paper dolls


lettering with Ecoline pens

zippered pouch

Barb shows my gifts to her!


mitred corners on continuous bindings

binding using backing fabric

square end binding

signatures in fabric journal

Journal book covers

attaching applique

sew doll hair

sew doll hair


sew zippered pouch