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Sunday, 2 July 2017

More on my book...

Since I found the things I posted last post on my blog and Facebook, my mind has been quite active with creative ideas. I have been writing poetry these past 3 weeks, and I am thrilled how the poems have just flowed. I will post some poems on here later, but for now here is one that related to the new Fabric Book....

A child’s Painting
When I was a child
I painted a tree
I painted it wild
I painted it free
I daubed it with red
And yellow too
I splashed on some black
And then some blue
But the teacher was angry
I could see she was mad
She hated my painting
She said it was bad
She said trees are not black
And skies not pink, but blue
But I’d seen rainbows
And colours of every hue
But  when I was finished
I stepped back to see
My wild and colourful work
That made me so happy.

The idea for this comes from a little poem I read many years ago where a child paints something in garish colours and the teacher criticises it and the colours chosen. This was a "killer" for that child and he/she  stopped painting. I am still working on the poem I wrote.
I also found this little book I made 3 or so years ago. I made it to hold little pin dolls. The cover is a photo of a fabric postcard I made, and it has plastic over the top.The inside has little pockets to put the dolls in. 


***** Read Karen's comment at the bottom of this post...How sad this is still happening! ***
I have always found clowns to be a source of artistic inspiration. Here is the cover of the little Pin Doll holder.

I'll find or make more pin dolls to put inside here. If I were teaching, I'd have little dolls relating to a Fairy Tale in here. I can just imagine telling a story to kids using these little dolls! 


  1. Would you believe an art teacher did that to my daughter in college! My daughter made a painting she loved a lot with tons of trees in them. She mixed paints to get a color green she liked. The teacher gave her a 'C'(average) citing that there wasn't a green like that in nature. Stupidest comment I have ever seen from a teacher and it was totally wrong anyway and totally destroyed my daughter's confidence and she never took art classes again. I filed a complaint against that teacher. College mind you, totally out of line!

  2. It makes me quite angry to hear stories like your daughter's How appalling when the student teachers will one day be teachers, and hopefully encouraging kids' work! I am glad you made a complaint, but it 's effects have damaged your daughter so she doesn't do her art! If she's seen Oz gum trees their leaves are quite grey and Autumn leaves can be most colours! Grr. Thanks for sharing this story.That teacher shouldn't have been teaching art!!


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