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Sewing room
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Friday, 7 July 2017

Little dolls

   ****tassel tutorial  ****

This folder was made to hold little story telling dolls. I have decided to just add little dolls and later offer this in my Etsy shop when I have a few more things to add. I sold quite a few things in the Vintage lace arts style, but I want a change from that type of work. I want to make Art Quilts now, but have to get together a few before stocking the shop.

 Most of these little dolls will be given away to my favourite charity. 

I wanted to work on these little dolls this weekend, as I am dying to make some little tassels. I have been looking at You Tube videos, and can't wait to try . I have/had a goal of making 100 little gifts for boys and girls as Christmas presents for children in need. These will be put with other gifts, as my gifts are only small, but I thought a little hand made toy might be nice. 

I saw a packet of colourful buttons in my travels and just had to have them. i might put them on dolls I make next week. I am drafting new patterns.

                                   I made 5 of these

                                  I made 3 of these.

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