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Friday, 16 June 2017

Not much to show...

Writing, Writing!!

 I am not doing nothing however, just not much ( sewing and drawing),  that I can show. I am doing loads of writing, and it's really enjoyable.I'm not much of a one for doing Art Journaling as such - although there's nothing wrong with it, but my bias is that Journals are for writing  in . My current one is bulging at the seams.I recently found a whole stack of poems that I'd written many years ago. I feel like someone else wrote them!! I seem to have lost contact with that side of me. 
Sometimes a person,  or course...comes along at just the right time, and Barb Owen seems to be" it " for me at the moment. I  have subscribed to Barb Owen's members' site, and wow! So much variety there. Barb has recently been urging us to write in our journals. 

I used to write prolifically, but it has dropped off markedly,  for at least the past 3-5 years. Now I am back doing it. There is something lovely about a table with an open journal on it, with pens laid out ready to pick up and write with.  The neatness of the process appeals to a certain side of me! Barb stresses the importance and "specialness" of handwriting, and she's shared some of her family's as well as her own journals. They aren't neat (neither are mine), but they are filled with little bits and pieces that we can forget to record in the day to day business of life. Sometimes these ordinary-seeming  recordings are gems. 

That other side of me- the one  that loves to make huge messes and have yarns and fabrics strewn everywhere while creating-  is taken care of when I do Fabric Books and such like. Right now though, neat is good! And writing is good.

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Paper dolls


lettering with Ecoline pens

zippered pouch

Barb shows my gifts to her!


mitred corners on continuous bindings

binding using backing fabric

square end binding

signatures in fabric journal

Journal book covers

attaching applique

sew doll hair

sew doll hair


sew zippered pouch