Saturday, 13 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day

And what did we do on Mother's Day?
This is the first year I have been without my mother.It feels a bit strange.I felt I had to be busy!!

We went for a walk along the nearest main road to us - like we usually do once a week, and picked up rubbish. We found a bag full each, as well as a big cardboard box.I take a shopping trolley ( I really do look like a BAG Lady!!) with us , but  it is useful as we load the two bags on there on the way back to the car, and that way the bags don't get too heavy. It's   about a 2.5 km walk along there.

I made more toys...

 to go with Mr.Men and Little Miss books for a children's charity.These robots are fun to make, and helps me use some of my extensive stash of decorative yarns and fabrics.

Later we will go out for a cup of tea when the Mothers have returned home.!!.our local cafes' are full to overflowing!! We saw our local one on the way home after our paper- picking -up walk .

Hope all you mothers are having or will have a lovely day!

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