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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lovely Autumn Drive into the Adelaide Hills

Yesterday I felt like  having a picnic and a drive into our very pretty Adelaide Hills.We had a beautiful amount of rain last night, so everything looked fresh as we set off .We had a picnic in a park at Gumeracha, and then walked around the park. We were just going to go to Birdwood which is a medium sized town as you head towards the Barossa Valley, but decided to go just a little further to Mt.Pleasant. We haven't been there for at least 6 months, and there are several new houses and two new businesses have opened since we were there last.  

This little Book Shop  caught our fancy, and looked so pretty. They had plants for sale as well which was nice.
 There is also a new Bakery up the road, and we had a cup of coffee there.It used to be an old stables and hay barn.They have restored it well, and it has loads of character.

New Bakery at Mt. Pleasant

 Walking from the car park to the barn which has the bakery.
Behind the stone wall to the right in the picture, is the stables below.

At the back of the bakery property is this wonderful dry stone wall.

What a pleasant day. I felt so relaxed, I even had energy to do some gardening when we came home. I am getting lots of pots ready to have a garage sale later in the year. Some plants need some re-potting, so I'll go off tomorrow and get some new large pots.

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sew doll hair


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